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youtube multichannel network

YOUTUBE MULTI-CHANNEL NETWORK (MCN) is a New platform, providing creatives with access and tools in order to Create Content, Distribute , Manage ,Protect and generate revenue, keeping full creative control and rights to own content.

We are there for everyone and provide service which can be utilised by all our partners. To find passionate and dedicated content creators on YouTube is what we always search for. We always ask for those content creators who have the urge to make their venture big and running it with eagerness. Therefore we concentrate on each channel individually to assess the hidden potential of it. and It’s absolutely FREE to join!

Why should you become the member of our Network?


We make YouTube not be just your hobby but your job. We maximize your revenue from your videos!


We optimize your channel, so that your videos can reach the most people.

Drive views

Our YouTube Certified experts help you increase the view of your videos and channel.


We provide chance of appearance bot in online and offline platforms, where you can get new followers.

Content ID

We handle the copyright of your contents so that no else can make use of it without your permission.

Cross promotion

We provide cross promotion opportunities with YouTubers for the members of our Network.


Get extra revenue from sponsorship activities and product placement on our channels.

Music & Videos

Copyright free music & Video footage for you to use on your video’s. Thousands of songs by some of the greatest artists.


Get funding to make specific content for us. This is exclusively for our selected network partners only.


Through us you will always keep 100% ownership of all your online media, you don’t sign away any rights with us.


content creators who are passionate about:
Music | Film |Fashion | News | Lifestyle | Sports | Food | Travel |Beauty | Home DIY + Everyone.


Brands, Film Makers, Record Labels, Broadcasters,
Artists, Performers, Dancers, Djs, Beat Boxers, Cover Songs Singers , Make up artists, Parenting, chefs, Tech tutorials and how to video creators and more..


  • No Copyright Strikes or Warnings on your YouTube channel
  • Consistently regular upload videos on YouTube
  • Minimum 4000 Hours Watchtime & 1000 subscribers
  • Your channel must be at least 1 month old
  • Do not Re-upload other YouTubers Copyrighted content

Join our Youtube Network Now. It’s FREE!


What is Youtube Network Program?

UvFlix is an official aggregator of media content and affiliated YouTube channels. It enables monetisation of original content on YouTube within the our network. We are one of the leading MCNs in India. We are leading Digital Marketing & promotional content with expertise in the promotion, optimization and video content production fields on YouTube and mainstream cinema.

What opportunities & Facilities UvFlix offers?

With our Network, you will get:

  • Video content monetization on YouTube. You can receive up to 75% of the revenue you generate from the ads displayed in your videos.
  • Withdrawal of your payments – Receiving your monthly payments using any payment method you find to be more convenient: Direct Bank Transfer, Wallet or PayPal.
  • Always available technical support – We help you resolve any issues pertaining to channel settings, promotion and optimization, channel analytics and any other issues you may come up with on YouTube.
  • Protection of your copyrights – we fully protect your original content (videos) from being copied on the platforms.
  • Detailed available online statistics of your channel activity including the data of your YouTube ad revenue!
  • All partners can consult our technical support team on any questions.

We provide channel optimization training sessions and involve the partners in participating in our webinars and training conducted by our company’s experts.
We provide an opportunity to participate in conferences on YouTube innovations.

What are the conditions to join UvFlix Youtube Network?

In order to join our Youtube Partner Program with your YouTube channel your channel must meet the following requirements:

    • Channels need to reach a threshold of at least 4,000 hours of Watch time.
    • There must be at least 1100 subscribers on your channel.
    • Channels are closely examined for invalid activity and copyright infringements. Before submitting your application please make sure that the access to your channel’s basic data has been enabled in order for our experts to evaluate your channel.
    • You must be 14 years old or older (payment withdrawals are available for persons who are 18 years old or older. In case if a partner hasn’t reached the age of 18, his/her parents or foster family members are to enter into the contract).
    • Your channel must be at least one month old.
    • You must create only original content and you may not infringe the copyrights of any third party. The rule applies both to video and audio materials.
    • Your channel must be in good standing.
    • There must be at least 3 videos on your channel.

If your channel meets the requirements that are in line with our company’s policies and all the YouTube community guidelines, your channel will be linked to our partner program.
We are eligible to refuse to enable monetization on your channel if your channel violates YouTube terms of service concerning content monetization and if your channel doesn’t meet the requirements listed here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2490020?hl=en

How and when do you get paid?

When you sign up to UvFlix Youtube Network, you will get access to your Personal Account on www.Uvflix.com, where you can fill in your personal details, and your channel details. You need to fill in your banking details and specify your payment method in order for you to be able to receive your payments. Our company enables you to receive your remuneration using several payment methods, such as Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, and others. Your payment will be credited in your account from 25 to 30th of every month.