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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • UvFlix will not sell your information to anyone.
  • UvFlix will not share your information with our partners unless they also agree not to sell or give it away.
  • UvFlix will always use secure methods when handling your sensitive information.

Take a moment to read our privacy policy below to make sure you understand and agree with it.

Why does UvFlix collect private information?

We need your information in order to provide you our services, pay you, get your films out to our partners, answer questions you may have, keep track of all the things happening with your account, provide customer support, collect fees, provide new opportunities, contact you in case of incomplete information, deliver new products and updates and deliver a high quality experience.

What information does UvFlix collect?

Depending what services or products you would like, we’ll need basic information that might consist of all or part of the following: your name, address, email address, contact phone numbers, credit card information, name(s) of your film(s), year that your film(s) were made, name of the person, group or entity that owns and controls the rights to each film and artwork delivered to UvFlix, credit/charge card information to collect from you various fees and charges for services and bank account or PayPal account information for deposits of money owed to you from the sale of your films.

From time to time we might also present you with a voluntary survey or questionnaire about our current or possible future services or products. In addition, we might ask for information that will help remind you of your personal user name or password in the event you request retrieval of your user name and/or password.

UvFlix may also set up a system that allows you to purchase and/or send gift certificates or links to films or other UvFlix products or other information to any UvFlix member or to family members, friends or colleagues. To fulfill your request, UvFlix may require personal information about the person to whom you are sending the product or service, such as their name, physical address, email address, etc. The personal information you provide about that person is used only for the purpose for which it is collected. Neither UvFlix nor its partners with whom we share that data will use the information collected to market directly to that person.

UvFlix might also keep track of how certain films are selling at different digital stores, like iTunes, for UvFlix ranking charts and inclusion in our newsletter or other areas of our website.

If you use a bulletin board or chat room within UvFlix, you should be aware that any information you share is visible to other users. Personally identifiable information you submit to one of these forums can be read, collected, or used by other individuals to send you unsolicited messages. UvFlix is not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in these forums. In addition, UvFlix may choose to monitor postings on these forums to assure users are complying with UvFlix terms of service.

Does UvFlix disclose your information to anyone?

We take your privacy very, very seriously. UvFlix will NOT sell, rent, lend or share your contact information or other personal information with other marketers. It’s possible that key people working for UvFlix might view your information to make sure we are providing you with the best service possible, but they will be required to treat your information according to the policies consistent with the UvFlix privacy policy.

It is also possible that with improvements on existing services or with the addition of new services it may be to your advantage for UvFlix to make specific personal information about you available to companies that UvFlix has a strategic relationship with or that perform work for UvFlix, so they can provide products and services to you on our behalf. These companies may help us process information, extend credit, fulfill customer orders, deliver products to you, manage and enhance customer data, provide customer service, assess your interest in our products and services or conduct customer research or satisfaction surveys. These companies must also protect your personal information in accordance with UvFlix’s policies. Without such information being made available, it would be difficult for you to sell your films, purchase products, have products delivered to you, receive customer service, provide us feedback to improve our products and services, or access certain services, offers and content on the UvFlix website.

Your personal information might also be released to specific entities, if UvFlix is required by law or litigation to disclose it. In the very unlikely event we determine it’s necessary for national security, law enforcement or other issues of public importance, UvFlix may disclosure your personal information as necessary.

How does UvFlix protect your personal information?

UvFlix will take administrative, technical, physical measures and more to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft or misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Although there will always be people attempting to steal information, we follow the industry accepted security standards designed to safeguard and prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and use of your personal information. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for credit card, ACH and other bank transactions. Due to this level of security, you must use an SSL-enabled browser such as Safari, Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later, or Internet Explorer. Doing so protects the confidentiality of your personal and credit card information while in transit over the Internet. UvFlix has used and will continue to use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the protection of your personally identifiable information.

In addition, UvFlix will restrict employee access to databases containing personal information and impose confidentiality requirements upon employees who do need to know it. Any employee that does require partial or total access to personal information, by their need or job description, they must abide by the UvFlix privacy policy.

Accuracy of your information

UvFlix works hard to keep your information safe, accurate, complete and as current as possible. If you choose, you can help us keep your personal information accurate by checking from time to time and updating whenever is appropriate.

“Cookies” and other variables

UvFlix does not and will not track or monitor your movement or use of any website outside of UvFlix. Within UvFlix’s website or those of its affiliates or partners, it’s possible we may use “cookies” and other technologies to provide you with a custom-tailored experience, to understand in which parts of the UvFlix environment you spend the most time, to see how you use the website and how much time you spend in different sections of the website, to customize your experience to provide an easier to use environment and other data and to see how you move within our site. Any personal information that we may collect contained in cookies is subject to the same UvFlix privacy policy.

You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is enabled, allowing you the opportunity to reject or “disable” the cookie. However, it is possible that some portion or functions of UvFlix’s or its participating partners’ websites may not work as well or at all if you disable your cookies.

Many web sites gather certain information automatically and store it in log files, including things like your internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data. UvFlix may also enable this technology for use in ways that are commonly accepted within the on-line community.

Message Boards, Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging

In the event UvFlix launches community-based services such as message boards, blogs, instant messaging and other similar services, you are solely responsible for any content you post there, including, but not limited to, any personal information you choose to reveal in these public forums. In using any of these services, you agree that you will not use the services for any purpose that is unlawful or in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Links to other sites

It is possible that at some time UvFlix might link to other Sites. If we do, and you choose to go to these other sites, please be aware that the site may not be affiliated with UvFlix and will not be subject to the UvFlix privacy policy. We encourage you to carefully review their respective privacy policies and ask questions directly of them in this regard.

Changes in This Privacy Policy

As UvFlix grows, changes, and expands to suit your needs, we may need to modify, alter or otherwise update this Privacy Policy at any time. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time, for when we make changes, we will notify you in this space. We may also attempt to notify you of any such changes to our privacy practices via email or by placing a notice on our home page.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

By using the UvFlix website, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information by UvFlix in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Questions about the UvFlix Privacy Policy

If you have any further questions, concerns or thoughts about your privacy on UvFlix or this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at info@UvFlix.com

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