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About us

With 10 years of acquisitions, distribution and Marketing experience, we have developed UvFlix.com, just to remove a middleman standing in between filmmakers and the revenues they deserved but were often not receiving. The old model of giving up your Entire Content Rights in pennies never made any sense in today’s digital scenario. So we wanted content owners to get paid for their time, experience and work but keeping ownership and control of their content.

We act as a digital film & web content aggregator. We handle the operational and financial processes for you with all leading digital platforms and retailers worldwide. This allows you to focus on your core-activities while we maximize your revenues, effectively and cost-efficiently. We ensure maximum global availability of your content on all key platforms like Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, and others.

We operate globally. We exploit content in USA, Canada, China, Russia, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Germany, France, the UK, Australia and 60 more countries. We also provide Multi-Channel Network (MCN) for Content Makers. Our MCN platform, providing creatives with access and tools in order to Create Content, Distribute, Manage, Protect, Monetize and generate revenue, keeping full creative control and rights to own content.

Our Expertise

Digital Distribution
Content Acquisition
Film Marketing
Multi-Channel Network (MCN)
OTT Platform Development

For Filmmakers & Producers

  • Studio quality service
  • Affordable flat rate pricing
  • Keep all your rights and revenue
  • or various sharing options

For Distributors

  • Easy online submission
  • Transparent online financial reporting.
  • Monthly payments
  • Work with an industry leader

For VOD/OTT Platforms

  • Access our library of content available for acquisition
  • Streamline content intake by sending your small content providers toUvFlix.